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About Me

Hi, my name is Abel and I believe food brings people together so welcome to my blog and let’s explore together.

Born in the UK with Ethiopian roots, my life has been a bit of a global tour. Before I could even remember, my family packed up and moved to Italy, where we spent five incredible years. Then came Kenya, with its vivid memories of open markets and sunsets, lasting another six years. By the time we moved to France, I was knee-deep in diverse cuisines and culinary tales.

After France, I came full circle back to the UK. Not to cook (well, not just to cook), but to study science. I landed in the southwest where I met my now wife. I spent my time juggling my undergrad studies, late-night experiments, and of course, weekend kitchen escapades.

Once I finished my first degree, I found myself in the world of clinical medicine. Today, my day job is working in elderly care medicine, helping and learning from some of the most wonderful individuals with a lifetime of stories to share.

​Now, about my food obsession. As a kid, I was that little shadow behind my mother and grandmother in the kitchen, probably more in the way than actually helping, but hey, that’s where the love affair began. This passion has only grown, with my wife and I setting a quirky goal for ourselves – to cook a dish from every country. Yeah, it’s ambitious, but we’re 40 countries in and loving every moment.

Why start the Abel Ruddachew blog?

Because food, for me, is more than just about eating. It’s memories, it’s culture, it’s a weekend hobby turned into a nightly activity. It’s that excitement of trying something new or finally getting that one tricky recipe just right. And while I’m no Michelin-star chef, I’ve picked up a thing or two over the years that I’m eager to share.

​So, here we are. Whether you’re here out of curiosity or a shared love for food, I’m glad you dropped by. Let’s share some stories, swap some recipes, and enjoy this food journey together.